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Pictured L to R: Alex Bussan, Darcy Goette (manager), head coach Kevin Boldt, Greg Bolhous, Ross Wolken, Marcus Draves, Tanner Jones, Jason Sadowski, Bradnon DePuew, Jordan Lentz, assistant coach Darell Phillips, (front L to R), Austin Boldt, Emily Klein, and Amber Barloon
L to R: Austin Boldt, Marcus Draves, and Emily Klein
Kevin Boldt (left) and his son Austin Boldt at the 2016 SCTP Nationals in Ohio.
Second place squad of (L to R): Marcus Draves, Jordan Lentz, Austin Boldt, Emily Klein, Amber Barloon.
The team of five for the ACUI National Championships of: (L to R) Head Coach, Kevin Boldt, Emily Klein, Amber Barloon, Austin Boldt, Marcus Draves, and Jordan Lentz.
Courtney Prochaska (center) with parents Jeff and Christy Prochaska as she signs with the Hawkeye RedTails Sports Shooting team at Hawkeye Community
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